Top 10 Movie Insults of the 2010s

2010s Movie Insults

2010s Movie Insults – Top Ten

  1. Bridesmaids (2011)
    “I’ve seen better tennis playing in a tampon commercial” – Matt Bennett
  2. Ted (2012)
    “Hey, play ‘Chopsticks’, you jazzy slut!” – Seth MacFarlane
  3. This is the End (2013)
    “Your mama’s pussy was the canvas. Your dad’s dick was the paintbrush. Boom. You’re the art.” – James Franco
  4. Deadpool (2016) 
    “You wheezing bag of dicktips” – Ryan Reynolds. For more quotes see Deadpool Movie Insults
  5. Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates (2016)
    “You look like burn victim Barbie” – Adam Devine
  6. The Hangover Part II (2011)
    “Tell that gay monkey to leave my shit alone!” – Mr Chow
  7. IT (2017)
    “Go blow your dad, you mullet wearing asshole” – Finn Wolfhard
  8. Bright (2017)
    “Fuck is you squaring off on, bitch?” – Will Smith
  9. Pain and Gain Deadpool (2013)
    “What are you lookin at you lil chubby broad? Don’t eyeball me, boy. I see your mother driving up an down the street lookin at me; I’ll be your stepfather by the week.” – Mark Wahlberg
  10. The Other Guys (2010)
    “This meal is terrible… it tastes like roasted dog asshole. I asked myself, “Who would slow roast a dog’s asshole and feed it to me?” You would” – Will Ferrell