Scarface Insults

Scarface Insults

Plot Summary

Tony Montana manages to leave Cuba during the Mariel exodus of 1980. He finds himself in a Florida refugee camp but his friend Manny has a way out for them: undertake a contract killing and arrangements will be made to get a green card. He’s soon working for drug dealer Frank Lopez and shows his mettle when a deal with Colombian drug dealers goes bad. He also brings a new level of violence to Miami. Tony is protective of his younger sister but his mother knows what he does for a living and disowns him. Tony is impatient and wants it all however, including Frank’s empire and his mistress Elvira Hancock. Once at the top however, Tony’s outrageous actions make him a target and everything comes crumbling down. Written by garykmcd

Director: Brian DePalma

Runtime: 2hrs 50mins

IMDB Score: 8.3/10

Al Pacino

  • Frog face!
  • You know what, Fuck you! How about that?
  • Y’all a bunch of fuckin assholes!
  • You little cockroach!
  • You’re a piece of shit!
  • Why don’t you try sticking your head up your ass?
  • You got your head up your culo!
  • You fuckin maricon!
  • That prick!
  • Fuckin wasp whore!

Steven Bauer

  • BITCH!!
  • You little motherfucker!

Michelle Pfeiffer

  • You son of a bitch!
  • You fuck!
  • You’re an asshole!

Other Insults

  • He’s a chazzer!!
  • Fat bastard!
  • Fuckin punk. Son of a bitch!