Snatch Insults

Snatch Insults

Plot Summary

Turkish (Jason Statham) and his close friend/accomplice Tommy get pulled into the world of match fixing by the notorious Brick Top (Alan Ford). Things soon get complicated when the boxer they had lined up gets badly beaten by Brad Pitt, a ‘pikey’ (slang for an Irish Gypsy) who comes into the equation after Turkish, an unlicensed boxing promoter wants to buy a caravan off the Irish Gypsies.

They try to convince Pitt not only to fight for them, but to lose for them too. Whilst all this is going on, a huge diamond heist takes place, and a fistful of motley characters enter the story, including ‘Cousin Avi’, ‘Boris The Blade’, ‘Franky Four Fingers’ and ‘Bullet Tooth Tony’. Things go from bad to worse as it all becomes about the money, the guns, and the damned dog!

Director: Guy Ritchie

Runtime: 1hr 42 mins

IMDB Score: 8.3/10

Brad Pitt

  • You thick lump!
  • Ya fat fucker!
  • Bollocks to you.

Vinnie Jones

  • You silly fuck!
  • You lucky bastard!!
  • What do you think I’m doing, you peen-arse!
  • You’re obviously the big dick!
  • You bought your 2 little mincey faggot balls with you!

Jason Statham

  • Boris the sneaky fuckin Russian!
  • You run out of pants to sniff?

Alan Ford

  • Pull your tongue out my arsehole!
  • You’re a ruthless little cunt aren’tcha!
  • Who the fucks talkin to you boy!
  • Oh fuck me, your lady friend got a voice?
  • You bet your bollocks to a barn dance!
  • You fuckin pratt!
  • Put a leash on er, before she gets bitten!
  • You stop me while I’m walking again, I’ll cut your fuckin Jacobs off!
  • He’s a useless shite, that boy!

Other Insults

  • You’re a real tight fucker aren’tcha!
  • Who took the jam out of your donut?
  • Drop the gun fat boy!
  • You silly fat bastard!
  • You arsehole!
  • Sneaky fuckin bastard!
  • Oi fuckface, whos speaking to you?
  • Ya cunt!